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Welcome to NTNUI Swing and Folk dance! Here you will find information about our courses in Norwegian swing and folk dance.

Course information:

Beginners' courses start up on the 28th of January, and will be held every sunday until the end of the semester.

Advanced courses in swing will start up on the 31st of January, and  and will be held every wedensday until the end of the semester. This course is for dancers who have danced Norwegian swing for more that a year.

Courses in Folk Dance will be held in BUL Nidaros' facilities in Søndre gate 22B downtown every other Wednesday. All folk dance classes will be announced on our Facebook page.

In addition, every sunday there is social dancing in the Armfeldt hall at Gløshaugen treningssenter from 08:15 PM to 10:00 PM.


What language will be used during instructions?
Answer: The instructions will be held in Norwegian, due to the large number of Norwegian participants . But if you're having trouble understanding something, do not be afraid to ask a question in English.

In addition, if you're having trouble following the instructions because of language, most instructors will be happy to help after instructions (during social dancing). Whether you require explaination or demonstration.

Do I need a partner in order to participate?
Answer: No. We'll constantly change partners during the instructions, so everyone gets to dance as much as possible with as many as possible.
I wish to stick to a specific partner. Is this allowed?
Answer: If you and your partner really wish to only dance with each other, we'll allow it. But we recommend that you follow our arrangment where you constantly change partners. This is better socially and will make you a better dancer.
What is the price for attending?
Answer: We charge no fee. The only requirement is that you're a member of NTNUI. Since the lessons are held inside the SiT training centre, you also need to have access to the building, either through a membership or by purchasing a day ticket.
What clothes are recommended?
Answer: When dancing you'll be relatively close to other persons, and you will be sweating. Thus it is important that you use clean clothes that cover your shoulders, reducing the chance of  bothering your partner by smelling bad. Most people use clean workout clothes.

As for girls that wish to dance in skirts or dresses, we highly recommend that you use shorts/tights/pantyhoses to cover underneath. Otherwise you might end up showing more than you intended.

What kind of shoes are recommended?
Answer: Many simply uses normal gym shoes, but it is recommended that you use shoes that are smooth underneath. If you're planning on dancing alot, then you should get special dance shoes were the soles are made specifically for dancing. This will reduce the chance of injuring your knee and will make it easier to rotate.

You can buy dance shoes at Aalberg Skoservice (Fjærgata 3, 7042 Trondheim) or on the internet.

Any unanswered questions may be directed to any instructor, or to you may send an email to: