The name; qwd

The three letter combination qwd was made by simply tyipng three random letters on a standard qwerty keyboard. Initially, the letters in itself did not mean anything in particular and was only chosen for their convenience with regard to typing them out. However, I felt that they would have more meaning if the letters was an abbreviation of something. I know it is a bit unusual to start with the abbreviation and find a fitting name than the other way around, but that is what I would try to do. There are several candidates, but none of them are good. A few of them are listed below:

The names are not excellent. If you have any better ideas and want to share it with me, please send me an email and I will be glad to add it to the list of potential names. For the moment, qwd will just be qwd. Nothing less, nothing more.


New domain name

qwd.no is the new domain name and has replaced the old domain spaghettiprojecti.no. I felt that I needed a name that was easier to remember and easier to type, hence the change. The old domain will redirect to the new one until it is unregistered which will be around March 2019.


Note about the current state of NTNU exercises and solutions

Due to a change in how NTNU distributes exercises and solution affecting from around January 2018, the auto-fetch program that previously fetched and organised everything on this site is no longer working. As the situation is now, I am sorry to say that this cannot be fixed. I have suspended the developent of the project for the moment. I will leave the archive as it is in its current state, as I believe it could be of value for others and I think it is one of the largerst one of its kind. I might add more manually later, but I cannot say what or when.

It was a good run.


Ending note

Out of curiosity: how did you get here? No one visits this site exepts me and various bots :/